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All Wines Alicante Bouschet 200 Gallons Reserva 2020
200 Gallons Reserva

200 Gallons Reserva 2020

A bold, ultra-smooth Portuguese Reserva, with a unique twist, made from a favourite winemaker
Red - Full Bodied
Gold , Gilbert & Gaillard International Competition, 2021
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200 Gallons Reserva 2020
$32.00 RRP
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Beyond the Label

200 Gallons Reserva
Wine file
Red - Full Bodied
14.5% ABV
8.59 Units
750.00 ml
1 May, 2025
Wine Summary
Can you imagine buying 1,008 bottles of wine in one year? That’s 200 gallons to be exact – the same amount that each U.S. household was allowed to make for ‘personal use’ during Prohibition. And the go-to grape during this DIY time wasn’t Cabernet or Merlot, it was the bold and juicy Alicante Bouschet - widely planted in California but originally from Portugal. Today, awardwinning winemaker, Jamie Quendera, has crafted a mighty, Reserva quality red, from rare 100-year-old vines. And the unique twist? Jamie aged the wine for 12 months in custom double casks. The top and bottom are French oak (imparting subtle spice) while the long side planks are American (for vanilla notes). The result is an ultra-smooth, cherry-ripe, vanilla-spice drop!